The Skinny on Used Trailers

Used trailers can be an excellent alternative to buying new. If you're looking to buy a used trailer we have information and links to listings for a variety of different used models including travel trailers, motorcycle trailers, boat trailers, campers, cargo trailers, horse trailers, concession trailers and dump trailers to name a few. If you are looking to sell your trailer click here. If you're thinking about selling your trailer and are interested in getting an idea of what your unit is valued at Click Here.

Used Trailers For Sale

Buying a pre-owned trailer instead of a new model can save you a lot of money. Similar to buying a pre-owned car, the value of a trailer typically depreciates very rapidly during the first couple of years and then levels off after a period of time. It's not uncommon to see deals out there where you can pick up a 2-5 year old trailer for roughly one third of the price that the original owner paid for it (assuming regular wear and tear). There are even many situations where you can get a great deal on a 1-3 year older trailer that has only been used a few times and is in mint condition. For example, doing a bit of quick research online you will find that you can buy a 2008 7 X 14 Haulmark Low Hauler motorcycle trailer with very little wear and tear for $3,100. By contrast, the MSRP on a brand new 2010 model is approximately $8,500. That equates to 64% savings on a 2 year old model by doing 10 minutes of research.

Vintage Used Trailers

But hey...we know time is precious. If you are in the market for a pre-owned trailer of any make, model or use and don't have a lot of time to see what's out there, let us do the research for you. Click here for more details or request some information.

Here are some brief points to consider when buying or selling a used trailer:

  • Most-often sold "as-is". However, if you're looking for peace of mind, many dealers will offer a 90 day warranty and in some cases extended warranties.
  • There are a number of dealers out there that will sell your trailer on consignment. While you may not get as much money out of the deal, it can be a seamless, hassle free way to sell your vehicle.
  • In general, if you're in the market, you may find better deals and more flexibility in private transactions as opposed to going through a dealer.
  • Look for older models that have very little usage to get the best bang for your buck.
  • Ask to see the repair history of the vehicle.
  • Ensure to do a thorough inspection before you make an offer.
  • Look for a motivated seller. For example, many people purchase recreational vehicles with good intentions but often find they get very little use out of their trailer.
  • Ask why the vehicle is for sale.
  • Do your homework. Use the internet to see what comparable models are currently selling for.


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