An Introduction to Motorcycle Trailers

When most people think of motorcycle trailers, the first thing that comes to mind are the large mobile transport systems that hook onto the back of an over sized truck. While these units are very useful for hauling numerous bikes long distances, there are also trailers that can be pulled behind motorcycles. Believe it or not you can even get trailers that are designed to carry your pet along for the ride.

What Are Motorcycle Trailers?

The term can actually refer to two types of mobile transport systems:

  1. The kind that connects to your car to haul your motorcycle.
  2. The kind that connects to your motorcycle.
Both of these share the same name despite referencing two different types of vehicles. Yet both can be incredibly useful for motorcycle lovers, especially those that travel often.

Motorcycle Trailers for Your Car or Truck

Open Motorcycle Trailer

One type of trailer does not latch on to your motorcycle at all. Instead, it connects to your car or truck and is designed to transport your motorcycle from location to location. There are several benefits to purchasing this type of trailer:

  • Cost Efficient Travel – The money you save in gas alone will pay for the cost of your trailer very quickly, especially if you are traveling with others. There is no reason to drive two vehicles across the country, particularly when the goal of your trip is to enjoy a motorcycle ride in another location. The drive over may be enjoyable, but the value of driving in one car cannot be overlooked.

  • Additional Transport Space - Motorcycle trailers allow you to easily travel with the items you need, without having to keep the items uncomfortably situated on your bike. You can keep all of your luggage in your car, as well as a few additional items in the trailer along with your bike. This is especially useful for camping, where several pieces of equipment will be needed and biking along with them can be a tremendous task.

  • Safety for You and Your Motorcycle - Enclosed trailers will protect your motorcycle from the elements, especially as you travel long distances. Keeping your motorcycle in the back of a truck leaves it prone to dust, dirt, and scrapes from the bumps in the road, and when you are not traveling your bike will be protected at your campsite from bugs and weather. And while driving your motorcycle long distances over the open road with your belongings hanging along the side can easily throw your body off balance and put you in greater danger.

    If your looking tips and advice on trailering your motorcycle Visit, a great resource for anyone who likes to travel by motorcycle.

    Motorcycle Trailers That Connect To a Motorcycle

    The second type of trailer connects directly to your motorcycle, and is designed to help you turn your bike into its own transporting system. These types of trailers, while less common, are no less useful to bike owners. They easily hook onto the back of your motorcycle turning your bike into more than simply an exhilarating ride – it turns your bike into something useful that you can use to bring tools, equipment, and other items from place to place.

    There are even pop up tent trailers for motorcycles that provide you with an instant camping tent anytime, anywhere. You can bike out to your favorite camping spot, park at a campsite, and have a fully functional tent ready in a matter of moments.

    Trailers that connect to the back of motorcycles are an underutilized tool by avid bikers. The more useful your bike is, the more often you can ride it, and that should be something that every motorcycle lover can appreciate.

    Motorcycle Pop Up Campers

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