Affilliate Discolsure Statement

All of the content on this website is offered free of charge to my visitors, in order to help people who are looking for information on trailers. However, creating and maintaining this site is time consuming and often times tedious. My goal is to earn an income from this site, and this disclosure statement is intended to educate my visitors on how the process works.

This website uses a variety of strategies and methods to earn income for me. This includes things like Google Adsense, placement of third party advertismemnets and various affiliate programs.

An affiliate program is an internet marketing practice that connects companies selling products online with websites (like this one) related to those products. Website owners must apply and be approved to participate in the affiliate program. When one of the "referred visitors" purchases a product from the company, the website owner who referred that visitor receives a small commission from the company.

This is a legitimate business and lead generation practice. Large companies like Amazon, EBay and Home Depot have affiliate programs. In fact, is a participant in the EBay Affiliate Program, which is an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn fees by advertising and linking to EBay auctions and listings.

Basically, if I find a product or service that I like and feel that my visitors would be interested in I will mention it by providing a link to the merchant's website. If one of those visitors ends up purchasing anything as a result of my referral, then I receive a small commission.

There are some websites owners out there that just sign up for an affiliate program because they can make a buck, regardless of whether or not they actually think the product is a good one.

The reason I point this out is because I want you to know that while I do earn a commission if you click through to a site I recommend and make a purchase, I am very picky about which products and companies I represent.

In other words, I'll only recommend a product or service if I truly believe it's a good one. And you have my promise that I will never recommend a product solely because I can earn a commission.

In fact, if I don't think a company or its products is worthy of your business, I'll say so. And I certainly won't provide a link on which I might be paid a commission. After all, I'll never earn your trust by recommending low-quality products or companies that don't stand behind them.

While researching and putting together all of the original content for this website does take a lot of time, it is a hobby of mine. My goal is to be the leading website on the internet for information about trailers, and the content is always free of charge. I do appreciate your continued support and for visiting the websites of my sponsors.

If you have any questions about this disclosure statement or my relationships with any of my sponsors, please feel free to contact me anytime.