What Are ATV Trailers?

ATV Trailers can be a very useful accessory for ATV enthusiasts. Offroading in an ATV can be an exhilarating experience. You get the full effect of the wind in your hair and the dirt on your pants, while flying across off-road terrain at speeds far faster than you could reach on foot.
But transporting your ATV is much more difficult. At top speeds of only 40+ miles per hour and no protection from oncoming cars, it's not legal to drive your ATV on the freeway in order to get to your destination. In addition, keeping the ATV on the back of a truck can damage both the vehicle and the truck, and space is often limited for additional items you will need.

That is why when you own an ATV, or several ATVs, you should get an ATV trailer to transport them to your destination.

ATV trailers are pieces of hauling equipment that you hook up to the back of your car or truck in order to safely carry your recreational vehicles to your selected destination. These units come in multiple shapes and sizes, able to carry as small as one ATV and as many as six ATVs all in one load.

Most people get single or double ATV trailers, with legally acceptable measurements that can hold the small vehicles in place for long rides.

These trailers are designed specifically for ATVs. As such, they come with their own ramps to easily park the vehicle, and provide just the right amount of space to keep the ATV steady. For anyone that owns an ATV, ATV trailers are easily one of your most valuable tools.

Purchasing the Right ATV Trailer

Unlike other types of trailers, the casual ATV owner may want to purchase two types of trailers – a single and a double – assuming you have the means and space to do so. A double is useful for trips with a partner or friend, because it allows the two of you to take one vehicle when going out to off road territory. But a single may be necessary as well, especially if you are one that occasionally likes to venture out alone.

Are There Trailers for Your ATV?

In addition to trailers designed to transport your ATV from point A to point B, there are also trailers designed specifically for your ATV itself, in order for your ATV to tow its own gear when necessary. These types of trailers are far less common (though no less useful), and are often seen in areas of the country where using an ATV to get around is more common.
These kind of trailers usually have specialties that make them useful for the owner. For example, there are trailers that are able to pull loads of wood, trailers designed to spread manure over the farm, trailers that are made for remote search and rescue missions, as well as other trailers that are made to carry tools and other specific items. While these trailers are typically designed for work more than leisure, there are even some passenger vehicles that are now being designed and manufactured specifically for the recreational ATV market.

Depending on your needs, there is often a type of trailer designed for you. However, one thing to watch out for is trailers made of weak materials. Because these types of trailers are less common, many manufacturers throw together various parts and sell it as though it were a quality trailer. However, much like you wouldn’t want your ATV to break down, you also want to ensure that your trailer is reliable.

Do Your Research

For both of these types of trailers (the one to haul the ATV and the one the ATV hauls), you will want to be absolutely sure that you have chosen a quality trailer the first time. Do your research on brands and models to ensure that they are safe, reliable, and worth their value.

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