Aliner Campers - Manufacturer Fact Sheet

Aliner campers have been in production for over 25 years and are known as the original "A" frame camper.  If you've every seen one of these trailers, you know why.  When set-up, these hard shell campers look just like a capital letter "A".

Columbia Northwest Inc.
1297 Kecksburg Road
Mt Pleasant, PA 15666
Phone: 724-423-7440
Fax: 724-423-8485

Brands:  Alite, Scout, Ranger, Sport, Classic, Expedition

Aliner's are lightweight, hard-sided "A-frame" folding camping trailers that have a very unique design. They are manufactured in
Mount Plesant, Pennsylvania (45 minutes southeast of Pittsburgh) by Columbia Northwest Inc. The company was formally established in 1984, but actually started long before the formal incorporation of the company. The founder of Northwest Columbia, Ralph Tait started building Aliners at his home in Oregon as a hobby in the 70's. Once a trailer was finished, he would take that partivular Aliner to local and national RV shows and try to find a buyer for his custom built unit. Once it was sold, Ralph and his sons would start the entire process of building another trailer and doing it all over again.

The two main features Aliner campers are known for are:

  1. Easy Set-Up & Takedown:  Involves only a few steps that can be completed in as little as 30 seconds.  Due to it's hard shell, there is no canvas that requires any folding.
  2. Light-Weight:  Aliner models use very light-weight material for construction and base models weigh less than 1,000 lbs. which means that they can be hauled by almost any tow vehicle.

Aliner has a significant dealer network throughout North America where you can purchase new models or service an existing model.  You can find one closest to you very easily by visiting, entering your zip code or postal code and clicking on the "Find a Dealer" button in the top right hand corner.  From there, you will be directed to a map that outlines the locations of the 5 closest Aliner dealers to your home.

Owners of Aliner camper's also have the ability to join a large and active Aliner Owners Club. The club holds regional and national rallies across the U.S. and Canada and consists of over 1000 active owners. For more details, feel free to check out  Members of the owners club are a very passionate and active group which is evidenced by the extensive Do It Yourself section on the website.  There are several articles on all sorts of DIY projects, repairs, upgrades, modifications, improvements, and also lots of reference information for Aliner campers.

In addition to being known for it's Aliner brand, Columbia Northwest is also famous for purchasing the intellectual property of the Coleman Tent Trailers line in 2011.  Renamed Somerset Camping Trailers, the company initiated production of 8 new models of tent trailers based on the standard features, floor plans, and design made popular by Coleman for decades.  If you're looking for more information on the history of the Coleman pop up brand, or the newest Coleman inspired popups, that page is currently under development, so be sure to check our Pop Up Camper Manufacturer Database soon for complete details.

The current lineup of campers from Aliner consists of six models that range in price and options.  If you're looking for details on a specific model feel free to scroll down and click on the following links to skip directly to the information that interests you.

Starting with the Alite and ending with the Expedition, each model boasts many options, some with varying floor plans.  Also, the Expedition, Classic, and Sport models are available in what the manufacturer calls the "Titanium Edition" premium package.  Aliner has a wealth of information available on its corporate website, but for ease of reference, feel free to check out the various aliner travel trailer models below in order to get an in depth look at the details for the 2013 models including floor plans, specs, standards, pictures, options and more.


Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (Base Model) - $6,400 USD

The Alite model is only nine and a half feet long and is the smallest of the Aliner campers. It can be pulled by almost any tow vehicle including Smart Cars.  It has even been used as a motorcycle tent trailer.  It provides just the bare necessities with storage space and a dry place to sleep (much like a tent).  While these models don't boast many optional features, it comes at an entry level price, and offers great fuel economy.  Learn more about the Alite model by visiting our Alite Camper Spec Sheet.


Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (Base Model) - $8,500 USD

The Aliner Scout offers more space and options than the Alite model. One of the main differences from the Alite model above is the dinette area that allows for indoor meals and also converts into additional sleeping space.  Significantly larger at 15 feet long, the Scout model boasts ample storage space for gear while still maintaining a reasonable dry hitch weight at just over 1,000 lbs.  For detailed information and specs on the Scout Floorplan visit our Aliner Scout Spec Sheet.


Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (Base Model) - $11,800 USD

If you are interested in a popup camper with more "bells and whistles", the Ranger comes with more standard features including a mini kitchen with a sink, stove and small refrigerator.  Able to sleep up to 4 guests, the Ranger also comes with many more optional features including an outdoor shower, and furnace. For detailed information and specs on the Aliner Ranger feel free to view our Ranger Spec Sheet.


Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (Base Model) - $12,800 USD

Next in the lineup is the Sport Series. The Sport model comes in 3 different floorplans depending on specific needs, and also comes with a wide range of optional upgrade packages.  In particular, this model is one of 3 Aliner campers that is able to be converted into the Titanium Edition which offers even more upgrades for the camper.  For detailed information and specs on each Sport Series configuration visit our Aliner Sport Spec Sheet.</a>


Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (Base Model) - $15,400 USD

As its name suggests, the Classic model is the original design which all other Aliner campers have been derived from.  Available in 2 different configurations, the Classic offers more in the way of standard features, and has many more options including an outdoor propane grill and highwall option.  Like the Sport model, the Classic can also be upgraded to the Titanium Edition.  For detailed information and specs on each Classic floorplan please visit our Aliner Classic Spec Sheet.


Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (Base Model) - $17,800 USD

The Aliner Expedition offers significantly more living space and storage space than the other models.  Measuring 18 feet long, the Expedition comes in 2 different floorplans depending on specific needs, and also comes with many more standard features including 3 baggage doors.  For detailed information and specs on both Expedition floorplans visit our Aliner Expedition Spec Sheet.

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