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The goal of TrailersResource.com is to be the number one source of useful information on every type of unit available. We have collected information on makes, models and brands of every kind – from campers to haulers and everything in between.

With all of the different sizes, styles, makes and models on the market today, finding quality and relevant information can be a daunting if not overwhelming task. That’s why we have created this site – to provide you with a one stop resource for all the information you'll need.

Introducing Dan "The Trailer Man"

Here to help you in your search for reliable information, advice and "know-how" is Dan "The Trailer Man".  Dan has been key in building this website and is constantly researching new developments in the industry.  He has spent his entire life around these vehicles so if it can be pulled by a car, truck SUV, ATV or snowmobile, chances are that Dan will know about it.  His knowledge and passion for all types of towables is amazing, and if he doesn't have the answer chances are he'll know where to find it. 

If anything new develops in the industry, Dan will update it here. Our goal is to provide you with the most in depth information online and offline, and with Dan's help we will continue to provide you with quality content over the course of the next hundred decades. Once the day they invent the teleporting trailer arrives, you will have information about it by that evening. In fact, we have already started compiling information about hovercraft trailers. :)

What You Will Find on This Site

Seriously though, we will provide you with information about choosing the unit that is right for you, as well as which makes and models can be used for which purposes, how these trailers handle harsh weather conditions, how to make the right decision about choosing the right unit for you, and even how to maintain them so that they continue to haul the items that you need hauling.

Dan has created Fact Sheets on all sorts of manufacturers along with Detailed Spec Sheets on countless makes and models.  While the database is still relatively new, it is constantly being updated so please be sure to check back here often or subscribe to our Blog by clicking on the appropriate RSS Reader located on the bottom of the navigation bar to the left.

RV Campground Database

Dan has also undertaken a project to create the largest FREE database of North American RV Campgrounds.  If you're a campground owner ask yourself this question:  Can people find you on the internet?  If the answer is no, list your park in our rv campground directory.  It's completely FREE, and you'll get found quickly and easily by people who are looking for campgrounds in your area.  If you're looking for a campground feel free to visit our North American RV Campground Database to find a great place to stay.  Here you will be able to get rates, details, pictures and see user reviews for campgrounds throughout the US and Canada.

No matter what you are looking for, we will have quality, reliable information about it. More importantly, if we don't, Dan will exhaust his resources to provide you with the answers you're looking for.  We provide a comprehensive resource for the following types of trailers and accessories:


A Wealth of Information on All Things Towable!

Whether you're looking to buy a new popup camper, or something to haul your boat, our goal is to be able to provide a single point of reference for finding the best deals on new, used, and even rentals.  Not only will we provide you with ample information about the information of interest to you, we will also show you the things to look for when selecting a used model, the pro's and con's of buying "Used" vs. "New", and much much more.  We can even show you how to build your own units on Dan's Build it Yourself Page!

So, don't hesitate to contact Dan by filling in the various contact forms located throughout the site if you need help, or would like information on something you don't see here.  If you are interested in any type of trailers, chances are we have the information you are looking for.  So feel free and check out our available information, bookmark us and check back often as this site is updated regularly to meet all of your recreational vehicle needs!